So who am I, and what’s my deal?

Long story short, I’m a youngish graduate student struggling with ADHD and probably mild Aspergers and personally I have found medication to be a double edged sword. The less dependent I can be, the happier I’ll be. As a result I’ve become something of a self help junkie with a primary obsession with optimizing my workflow on top of keeping my to-do’s organized.

There is no shortage of productivity books and blogs out there, and even ADHD productivity blogs. Personally, whenever I read about a new faddish (and no, not all fads are bad. I’m fully onboard with some fads. Bullet Journaling is perhaps my favorite and longest lasting fad. It’s magic. I’m also partial to Marie Kondo, but more on those later.) productivity method, I’m most interested in how it works, in the long run. For instance, go on Amazon, find a productivity book, and you’ll see many reviews to the effect of: “This is a good idea.” “Good idea, bad explanation.” “Good idea, too much fluff.” “Terrible idea.” “Too complicated.” And more rarely, “I’ve implemented it. Well, two days in, it’s fine?” And the everpresent, “it changed my life!”

Ok. How? And how long have you been doing it and how does it fit into your life? And perhaps even more importantly, what happens if the system fails? How do we tweak it? One thing I believe is common to all of our experiences is falling off the wagon. How do I get back on with maximal efficiency and minimal productivity loss? If something happens and I can’t follow my schedule, what do? If a system wants me to schedule my internet time, how much and how often? These are questions that all need answering for the individual, yet most books rarely delve into such details of implementation. As such, I also wish to explore the question of how to implement the systems in great detail, and perhaps come up with several options so other ADHD kids like me can just look and pick one instead of being distracted and lost. Another frustration is, one barely ever finds long term reviews of any such system, and if my experiences can help one person decide if a system is for them, I’ve done my job.

So this blog is sort of a journal of my workflow from the perspective and frequent mess ups from somebody who has ADHD. It’s for me and, if you want, it can also be for you. I’ll mostly be discussing what I do, posting examples of what I do, and how it’s working for me. I will also attempt to focus on the systems I’ve stuck with. After all, those are the ones you want to read about if you’re anything like me.

Who am I, really though?

If it’s relevant, I’m a soon-to-be-ex graduate student in a STEM field so many of my posts will be related to studying and thesis writing. I know nothing about being a good and efficient parent, and my advice might not apply to you. I’m also in my early 20s, so one can assume that any advice I give, it may not apply to anyone who is older, has more obligations or has more experience. Honestly, divulging personal details is not my intention. I might occasionally post photos (because I think photos of implementation and results are helpful for others), and I can’t promise it won’t reveal personal information, but if you can gleam any, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t spread it around and tell me so I can modify it. This is a side project. A kind of stress relief, if you will. If this becomes stressful, I will delete this blog.

Orbit? What orbit?

The orbit of my endless cycle of productivity and distraction, hope and despair, etc. For anyone who has ADHD, you know this cycle. You know how it goes. You just want to get out.